How To Part Your Wig Correctly According To Your Faceshape?

How To Part Your Wig Correctly According To Your Faceshape?

As per part type ,normally it divided into Middle Part/Side Part.

How to choose the correct part according to your face shape.Below article will help you make a decision.

1.Center or Middle Part 

This is one of the hair parts that’s easiest to achieve.The attention shifts to the center and away from the side. It creates symmetry and looks mature.It’s ideal for people with round faces because it elongates them. 

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2.Side Part

The side part is the type of hair part that works with all face shapes. You can part it to your left or to your right and it will still look good on you. 

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How to part side by yourself?

 1.Distribute freshly washed hair.

 After washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, comb it with a comb until there are no knots.

Dry your hair until it is completely dry (unless your hair is very thin and straight, which may leave a little bit of moisture).

Brush the hair again, making sure that there are no knots in it, as it will be easier to separate the sides.

 2.Use a comb with a thin tipped tip to divide the hair. 

A pointed comb is the best tool for dividing hair, because its pointed tip can accurately help you divide your hair. If you don't have a pointed comb, any fine-tooth comb will work (if you want unclear edges, you can even use your fingers to complete the task).

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Point the comb perpendicular to your scalp, and then use a pointed tip to draw a line in your hair, from the back to the front.

Comb all your hair back away from your face by a paddle brush.

 Middle Part--Take a comb and divide the front of your hair in two equal parts based on pointed tip to draw a line.

Side Part--Take the right or left split line as the reference.

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