The Top 10 Reasons to Customize Wig From Chinalacewig

The Top 10 Reasons to Customize Wig From Chinalacewig

1.Free wig-styling service
Don't wanna spend much money on styling? Chinalacewig provides pre-styling services. 

2. The best quality raw material for customized wigs.
There are no chemical treatments in  Chinalacewig factory making wigs. 

3. Special unique tech in factory: Breathing Hair
Breathing hair is a technology that Chinalacewig’s own factory and product line used in the wigs. It is a unique technology only use on Chinalacewig’s wig.
It means that first, using high temperature opens the hair cuticles. Second, put the hairs into the tailored oil and make the hair “drink” full of the oil. Third, using the low temperature locks the oil and keeps it in the hairs.
There’s no chemical treatment in the whole technology so that it won’t hurt the hair cuticles and make sure the hairs are the most high quality, lightest, and softest

4.All length/ density/ lace type/ styles/ customized are available
Chinalacewig has 8-40inch length, 150%-300% density, transparent lace/ HD Lace, colored wigs. If there's no your dream wig, no worries, and DM or Whatsapp us to get your one and only customized wig!

5.Suitable Wig cap 
High elasticity wig cap with stretching, durable and breathable!!!

6.Size for Wig Caps: S/M/L
Want more suitable size wig? No need to endure the wrong size! Though people's head size is different, we can make unique size wig for U that suits u best. 

7.Exclusive Service
Need help? We offer 24/7 online customer service. 

8.Free shipping
Worldwide Free shipping via DHL/UPS.

9.Top Technology
Chinalace is a company that focus on developing and producing all kinds of hair products. Our employees have decades of professional experience. We committed to promoting ladies' fashion and have been making great progress.

10.Can Removable 
When you want to refresh your DIY wig, your stylist can help you exchange the closure & bundle as u need.  

At the same time, in terms of lace size, you also have more choices, we will do our best to serve you.
Lace closure size: 2X6 inch 4X4 inch & 5X5 inch 
Lace frontal size: 13X4 inch & 13X6 inch & 360 frontal   
If you want more density, also can add more bundle if you like.

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