How To Wash Brazilian Hair-chinalacewig

Cause we are asked many times and some female dont really know how to wash the hair wig.when their natural hair is blended with the popular Brazilian hair frontal wig.


 Before cleaning:  in order to eliminate knots, you had better start with comb hair ends,reverse hair, then finishing wig styling. The hair needs to clean when it is difficult to styling or smudges obvious.


Washing: with your Brazilian bundle hair wet using the warm water in a downward motion from where the tracks are .you can do this in either in a shower ,a bath tab or using a container filled with warm water .dont soak the weave as it might have some influences in the tracks beneath the weaves and this will have more interference on the glue in method  

Shampoo: To remove the oil,dirt and dandruff from your natural hair and hair extensions by applying some moisturizing shampoo ,firstly you need to repeat the washing step and then apply the shampoo and start to massage the hair and rinse the shampoo repeat times when you think your natural hair and the hair extension is totally clean.

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